We price all our work by product, not by time. This is to ensure we aren’t incentivized to waste time on your project. Below is an incomplete list of price estimates. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in any of the tables, please click the button below to get a custom quote.


Product Price Notes
Basic website (no login, no sales, etc.) $100
Add login $50-$200 Depends exactly on what sort of accounts you wish for users to use. Login with Google or other OAuth providers, or through Auth0 is cheapest.
Interactive Page $20-$300 This is for any user interaction that does not fall into the category of UGC. The lower price is for things like account management, or a contact form.
Website with UGC $500-$2000 This includes any website where a user can upload and/or edit and save content. Exact price will depend on complexity of the desired user content generation.
Any website with a sales interface $0 + 5% of sales through the website This is optional. You may choose one of the other options instead if you'd rather pay a flat fee.
Static Website Hosting $5 per month
Web server hosting $30 Does not include cost of managing or setting up the server.
Web server managing $20 per month This includes regular updates and other maintenance.
Web server deployment $50 This includes deploying the web server itself, uploading your website to it, as well as any required databases, and making the website accessible to the public. If you wish to manage the server yourself afterwards, you will be given full access to the server.

Server Solutions

Product Price Notes
Account system $500 I would generally recommend using Auth0 (or one of their competitors) to manage your user accounts, but if you must manage them yourself, we can help you set that up.
Video game replication $5000 This service includes consulting on how to design your game to best support replication, in every aspect, from gameplay to code design. We will also assist with both the client and server code.
Managed database $200 + monthly usage costs We will help you design your database in a way that makes the most sense for your product, and help you chose the best database provider and software for your needs. We will also optionally deploy your database for you at no additonal cost.
Server Hosting $6 per month for lowest spec server Lowest specs are 512MiB RAM, 1 vCPU, 10GiB SSD. I do not recomend this for even mild traffic, but it is good for testing.


Product Price Notes
Any standard smart contract $50 This is for making and deploying a smart contract that supports a standard interface such as ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 with little to no modifications. You can find a complete list of contract standards at .
Any non-standard smart contract $100-$2000 This includes major modifications to a standard, such as a custom staking solution, or metadata generation on NFTs.
Deploying smart contract $20 + gas fees This is for deploying a smart contract and transfering ownership to a wallet of your choice (if there is ownership). If you would like us to continue managing the contract after deployment, additional charges will apply.
Smart contract calls $10 + gas fees This is for any smart contract call after deployment, other than transfering ownership. This includes things upgrading the contract.
Blockchain API for video games $136 per month, with free trial See for more information about the API.